Proposed company name

You will need to select a name for your company. The other options is you can choose to use the Australian Company Number (ACN) that will be generated once ASIC approves your application as the proposed company name (tick the box that says Use ACN as the company name).

Guidelines on selecting a new name:

  • spaces
  • letters A to Z
  • numbers 0 to 9
  • standard punctuation marks such as . , ? ! ( ) { } : ; ' “ ”
  • the symbols | - _ \ / @ # $ % * = &
  • Letters with an accent are not accepted. For example: à, é or ç.

When you enter your company name, it will automatically be converted to uppercase letters.

A name may be unavailable because it is:

  • the same as another business name
  • already registered or reserved by another company (unless the name is held by a proposed director or shareholder of the proposed company)
  • unacceptable under the Corporations Act 2001.
  • Include offensive words

Include restricted words that require approvals like Bank Royal, GST, Police, University, Chamber of Commerce to name a few.

To register a company name that is same as a registered business name, the holder of the business name must be a director or shareholder (member) of the company you are registering. You'll receive a message that your proposed company name is available subject to manual review as it is the same as a registered business name. If the name is held by one of the proposed directors/shareholder that you will enter later in the form (Step 3) ASIC will approve the company name. This will not transfer your business name to a company. You will have a registered business name and a registered company. 

Refer ASIC Link for details.


      Source: @Commonwealth of Australia

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